You feel trapped and stuck at work. You keep wondering...

Should you quit your job and change careers?

This 100 page self-study workbook, loaded with practical exercises and lessons, will help you answer all your questions on job satisfaction and career happiness. Above all, it will help you understand your ideal career paths and guide you on how to move into more fulfilling work.

You realize you need to MAKE A CHANGE but you are unsure of where to even begin!

Changing careers might seem hard...

πŸ’Ό Especially if you don't have the necessary tools or support.πŸ‘Š You keep having thousands of ideas everyday, and you wonder which path you should choose.😒 DIY route of taking career tests, scrolling through job boards or watching TED talks isn't giving you the clarity you need!

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Don’t ever spend another second of your precious time feeling sorry for being stuck in the wrong career...

Build a plan to launch your new career without quitting your current full-time job

βœ” Get a 3-step framework to discover new career options and find your calling.βœ” Identify transferable skills from your past experience and learn how to fill the experience gapβœ” Develop your new story and communicate with confidence using interview tips on career transitions.


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βœ” Ingredients of Your Ideal Career- checklist to validate your interest areas with a proven process.βœ” Blueprint of Skills, Interests and Values - to aid in your self-reflection exercises.βœ” Set Your Destination Training - to identity the experience you need to gain and how.βœ” Liberation Day Roadmap - a career transition plan to make your pivot free of stress and doubts.βœ” Interview & Networking Toolkit - with cheat-sheets, sample scripts and tips to land your next work.βœ” Unlimited eMail Support - for upto 7 days from purchase, to give one-on-one feedback and clarify queries.

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Pre-written, fill-in-the-blanks style templates for every step

Let me tell you a secret...

You will not find your ideal job by just applying for it

Randomly applying for jobs is a mistake.No experience, no job. No job, no experience. As a career changer, everywhere you will turn, it will seem to be staring back at you: "Experience in a similar role required". How can you move into work you love when nobody will give you a chance?

Instead, do what the smartest professionals do

Learn from a professional and know what works.Deep introspection, research and planning is essential to a career change. This is where your story becomes more important than your resume. Your story will be your personal brand and as a career changer, you have a great story.

This career change workbook is the ULTIMATE SHORTCUT for exploring ideas for your next career move.

Interested in discovering YOUR new career path?

- An easy and affordable way to test out potential careers.- Avoid future regrets like "I wish I took that shot" or "I wish I had given it a try".- A safe space to experiment without quitting your current job.


This book is no fluff, no missing pieces and NOTHING is left out.

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You get pre-written, fill-in-the-blanks style templates for every step in your career change journey.Learn at your own pace, whether it means binging all the exercises on a weekend or spreading the lessons out over a full month.

The only thing stopping you is YOU.

If you haven't still taken an action, then I can tell that you are afraid.

Your Fear Trap #1:The Fear of Making Wrong Decisions

"What if I can't find the right job in the new field?"My-perspective: On average, people change careers 3-5 times in a lifetime, and with the pandemic it is becoming increasingly normal. Example: David Ogilvy, founder of Ogilvy, worked as a chef, researcher, and farmer before he started his agency at age 37. Today he is known as the "Father of Advertising".

Your Fear Trap #2:The Fear of Losing Your Experience

"What happens to the skills I have gained so far?"My-perspective: Some of the most unhappy people I've met are people who stay loyal to a career only because it's the field they picked at a young age in university. Whereas it is perfectly natural that as we grow our interests change as we gain new experiences and new knowledge.

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